Collector Cars: Classics for the New Century
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Collector Cars Books by Author Richard H. RushValues, Trends, Buying, Selling, and Maintaining Collector Cars

The most recent Richard H. Rush publication is a soft-cover, 8 by 11 inch, illustrated 324 page book for the car connoisseur, and would-be-connoisseur. If you are interested in classic collector cars and learning about the market for these cars, this is the book you will often refer to and enjoy. It puts years of experience and research at your fingertips.

About the Author - Richard H. Rush

The late Richard H. Rush was considered a leading authority on art, antiques, and other major collectibles as investments. He held graduate degrees from Dartmouth and The Harvard Business School. He has written twelve authoritative books and over 700 articles on wealth building and investments, and has lectured throughout the country on antiques and various other collectibles. Among his previously published books are, "Automobiles as an Investment", (Macmillan), and "Investing in Classic Automobiles for Profit and Capital Gain", (Simon & Schuster). Dr. Rush was a leading prophet in the second half of the twentieth century in the area of "Investments You Can Live With and Enjoy."

The Phantom Corsair once owned by the Author, Richard H. Rush

Phantom Corsair

"The Phantom Corsair of 1938 was purchased in 1947 by Richard Rush for $5,000. It was featured in a movie, "The Young in Heart" and was owned in the 1950's by the TV host Herb Shriner. Later it became part of the Harrah Museum Collection in Reno Nevada. Today the car is in the National Automobile Museum and is valued at over one million dollars. The body is a one of a kind design commissioned by Rust Heinz."
(Excerpt from "Collector Cars: Classics for the New Century")

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