Collector Cars: Classics for the New Century
      "Wow!! What a Fabulous Book!" (A.Card)

Collector Cars Book ReviewsCollector Cars Reviews

"The editor has found this book to be a great value... well written and illustrated... pages of good information..."

Stutz News, January - March 2002
(William J Greer -Editor)

"The book...filled with anything anyone would need to know about the business of classic cars."

North Fort Myers NEIGHBOR, March 6, 2002
(Donna Theisen.Staff Writer)

Book Review: "Auto Restorer" January 2003 -Ted Kade, Editor

"The truth be known, most of us don't look upon old cars and trucks as an investment, they're more of an indulgence.

"But even if you don't expect to someday bid on a Hispano-Suiza or pull an Isotta Fraschini into that open space in your garage, you'll enjoy this book and learn from it as well.

"First off, it's fun to gain some insight into the high-dollar deals and the types of cars that won't be showing up at next Tuesday night's cruise-in.

"And second, while the author's Lamborghini Miura is featured on the cover and his collection includes a Ferrari Testarossa, a Jaguar XK120, and a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II among others, he also is the proud owner of a '66 289 Mustang coupe.

"In other words, much of the advice that applies to the oh-so-rare collector car applies to the not-so-rare Fords, Chevys, Mopars and the like as well.

"For instance, when the author lists "desirable characteristics of a collector automobile, at the top are, "It should be something that will provide satisfaction to the owner just because he or she owns it. The owner should be able to drive the car...and be able to buy it without financial strain."

"The author, Richard H. Rush, is a former professor of finance and investments who has written extensively in the field of investing in automobiles, art and antiques. As demonstrated by the partial listing above, he also has quite a car collection.

"His discussion will take you through a range of useful topics such as how a car gets to be a collectible, the fortune-maker automobiles, establishing a collection, finding and buying a collector car, assessing a car's condition, restoration, repairs and parts, and, of course, selling your collector car. The book then looks at a range of cars to consider for your collection from Mercedes, Duesenberg, Packard, Cadillac and Lincoln, to Corvettes, Mustangs, muscle cars, woodies and street rods.

"Rush also makes it clear that you shouldn't be discouraged if you miss out on a good deal along the way. For example, during the war he was offered a car for $600. The car was a Bugatti Royale Cabriolet, and one has since sold for $15 million." - Ted Kade

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